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 Adventure Courses  

The various adventure programmes on offer at HAI are our raison d'etre. They are what the Himalayan Adventure Institute was first formed to provide. This is  where we aim to impact both the practical skills to safely venture into the wilds and to show both instruction and example what having an adventurous spirit really means. Teaching sessions provide the introductory skills and knowledge needed for each activity. These are followed by intensive practice on the wall or out on the nearby crags and hills. On longer courses, the finale is a supervised but self-organized trek which gives trainees the chance to bring all their skills together.

What is what at HAI ?


Sports climbing: uses an artificial wall. Its prime advantage is that you can set you own routes according  to your level  of climbing skill. It is not only a fantastic training aid for natural rock climbing but a challenging sport in its own right. HAI cm2 climbing tower with two faces, allowing tow climbers to ascends simultaneously.

Rock climbing: There is immense pleasure to be found climbing natural rock, learning the characteristics  of each type of rock and the different skills that each requires. It is art as much as a science!
Rappelling: Is a hugely enjoyable method for descending rock faces. It is great fun in its own right, but also a vitally important expeditionary technique.

River crossing: In times of heavy rains rivers can become uncross ably swollen, bridges may collapse or a casualty may be unable cross the flow alone. River crossing practice shows you how to overcome such obstacles!.




3 Day nature camp : We believe that there it is never too young to introduce children to the outdoors. Our nature camp gives a gentle introduction to the wonders of nature and the pleasures that await those bold enough to give it a try! For 5-10 year olds.

5 Day adventure course : Our basic adventure course for older participants gives a solid grounding in all climbing and camping activities. Knots, rope handling, safety procedures and camp craft are all taught. Trainees then have the chance to try out sport climbing, rock climbing, rappelling and river crossing. A short but intense programme!.

10 Day adventure course : More times means that skills can be further developed, with more time available to perfect the various techniques. The 5 day programme is initially followed, and those skills rehearsed, but time is also given to basic expedition planning and search-and-rescue techniques. An two day trek and overnight stay is the challenging culmination of the course ideal for those looking to kick-start their adventurous career!

3 Month adventure guide course : This course provide aspiring outdoor professionals with the perfect foundation to their career. Technical instruction is combined with theoretical knowledge, as well as an examination of the practical, legal and moral environment within which he or she must operate. An awareness of the current state of the market in numerous outdoor disciplines - from rafting to mountaineering to parasailing to trekking - is raised, and the statutory requirements needed to operate within a specific environment are explained.

Pre-expedition training : Steep hills, hard crags, deep ravines, a high-quality sports-climbing wall and a gymnasium combined with good solid food and a calm reflective environment are all  to be found at HAI. This, combined with easy access to trailheads and a supportive, knowledgeable and experienced faculty, make HAI the perfect base at which to train prior to a Himalayan expedition. From Binog Hill it is easy to familiarize oneself with the grand Himalayan panorama, spotting peaks climbed and those still waiting to be attempted!


Climbing course :
If you're aim is to work exclusively on you climbing skills, whether as a novice wishing to swiftly attain a good level, or the more experienced climber wanting to push their limits, our climbing provide the facilities and instruction to achieve you goals.


"Shri S.P. Chamoli was the organizer of the Sort Climbing Judges and Routes Setters course... he organized and conducted the course with total commitment and vision making a milestone contribution towards sports climbing in India."


Colnel N.K. Bhimwal, Director, Indian Mountaineering Foundation.

5 day rock climbing course

5 day sports climbing course

Judges and route-setters course (sports climbing)

Schools groups : HAI has played host to numerous top schools, and is hugely proud of its role in the development of the next generation of Inida's leaders. All the courses are available for schools or college groups.

Schools that have attended include: Doon School Dehradun Welham girls Schools Welham Boys School..................


"HAI Invities me with open arms every year. Every moment is joyous here.Boys are trained with diligence and meticulous care. The environment is wonderful and invigorating. The hosts are impeccable in their hospitality"


Ashad Quezilbash, Course Coordintor
Doon School, Dehradun


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