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 Courses offered  

The courses are specially designed for the school students, corporate and youth development programme which can be easily attended during short holidays/ vacations without affecting their work or studies and also provides them an educational outing at a Hill Station at a reasonable fee including boarding, lodging and training charges.

The following are the courses conducted by the Institute :




Youth Programmes for Schools & Colleges :

Adventure Courses :

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Corporate OMD Programmes :


Leadership Team Building & Communication 4 days
Crisis Management/Mountain Search & Rescue course 20 days
Yoga & Meditation Camps for Senior Citizens 7 days

Professional Courses :


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Yoga and Meditations :


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Family Adventure :


Family Adventure 1 day
Family Weekend get together 2 days

Our Forte is to customise our programs for you by designing it specifically to your requirement at a price that will give you an experience of a lifetime without burning a hole in your pocket.

Courses attended for more than five days will qualify the participants for obtaining the certificate from the institute which is recognised by the Indian mountaineering foundation and department of Youth and Sports Govt. of India.

Himalayan Nature Treks :

The Institute conducts high altitude trekking and glacial study tours for familiarisation of the Himalayan Geology, Glaciology and flora and fauna to unviel the Himalayan Grandiure before the participants.  Click for Details


Special Programme :


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Courses Themes :

Challenging Rope Course

  • Personal confidence development

  • Team Support

  • Confronting challenges and fears

Flying Fox

  • Organisation skills

  • Team support and commitment

  • Confidence development

Treasure Hunt

  • Team work and communication

  • Leadership styles

  • Planning and innovative ideas

Cave Search and Rescue

Self Programmed Abseil

Learn to overcome the highs and lows of life by step… gradually, patiently.. keep moving.

Burma Bridge
Learn to keep your balance. Emotional, physical & mental faculties…. All in perfect harmony. When you are in between the deep sea & devil ; the devil is but your own fears.



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