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 Future Plan  

The weather during the opening months of 1994 was a typically confusing Uttaranchal mix of sun and storm. Beautiful clear days, blue skies unbroken by a single cloud were frequent, but the tranquility of this teasing glimpse of spring was equally frequently broken unsympathetically by thunderclouds charging down from the Mussoorie ridge.However, the confusion of the climate was in direct contrast with the clarity of the vision for the future of the Himalayan Adventure Institute to provide “ a feast of adventures for all ages and walks of life “ . A great deal has been achieved over the last 19 years, a renowned training INSTITUTION created where before there was only scrub and rock.An international class fibre glass artificial climbing wall now stands sentry over the campus. Thousands of trainees have come, completed their programme and gone back to their homes, stronger in body , mind and spirit.

But when one is in pursuit of true excellence, the journey is never truly completed. That is the case here.

To give HAI the ability to compete on an international stage, which will in turn provide the funds and exposure to enlarge its range of offerings, including a increased role in the charitable work of the region the following steps that will be taken over the next two years are :


  • Build the Conference Centre for organizing indoor training and conducting seminars and workshops for active learning and living.

  • Build a centre of excellence of good health , healing and rejuvenation with a mission to help individuals build balance, strength and flexibility in their yoga and meditation practice and their life.

  • Adding to the treasures of the Himalayan Heritage Centre and Museum with more artifacts and other collectibles from across Himalayan geographies and cultures.

  • Continued investments in THIS - The Himalayan International School to give local village children the confidence of being at par with the best in the world .

  • Continued natural landscaping around the Institute area , afforestation etc .



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