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 Search and rescue course  

20 day search and rescue course
This intensive course was first designed to provide training for fire, police and community volunteer units. This programme was intended to form an integrated part of the government's strategy to make disaster - response management proactive rather than reactive. To date twenty-two courses have been run. However, the skills learned on the course are of great use to anyone in their everyday life. Trainees are put under intense pressure and the course culminates in extremely testing night exercise. This ensures that participants future response to stressful situations - whether found at home, work, or during a true emergency - will be more measured, and more likely to be the correct course of action.



"HAI is a home away form home. Come, experience, learn...and write the same thing. I bet you will never forget HAI"


Dr. R.K. Pande, Executive Director,
Disaster Mitigation & Management Center



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