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 Training & Seminars  

Training Programme Conducted in Summer 2018

Himalayan Adventure Institute remained very occupied during the summer season & conducted following training programs in two months in May & June 2018-

The Scouts & Guides Masters Trainees, who will be imparting Scouts & Guides Training in various Schools of Rajsthan, Telangana ,Andhra ,Odisha, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh & Jamu-&-Kashmir was conducted for 77 participants in two batches from from 5t May to 17 th May 2018. This was a foundation Course for The Scouts & Guides combined with outdoor s leadership Development Training for them. At the same time Mountain search & Rescue course was organized for Bhutan Power corporation personal was also organized.
17th May to 19th May 2018- 03 days Basic Initiation Adventure Camp for Ridge Valley Public School Gurgaon for 30 students & 5 teachers was conducted.
28th May to 03 June 2018-07 days Out Door Adventure & Leadership Training was conducted for 73 participants of AASRA, A well-known NGO Based in D Dun, who are working to support, street children, orphans ,baggers etc. and imparting education and rehabilitating them to stand on their own feet & lead good life. This training program was also supported by the Institute for the good cause as a part of our social responsibility
Institute conducted 2 Out Door Adventure Leadership Programs for ONGC Officer Graduate Trainees from 8th June to 12th June for 120 participants of ONGC Academy D Dun.
Again 18th June to 25th June & 22nd June to 2nd July 2018 Conducted two Courses for 7 days each for The Scouts & Guide Master Trainers for 85 participants from Rajsthan, Telangana, Andhra, Odisha, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh & Jamu-&-Kashmir
The Institute also had day visitors for family out door adventure activities and also youth, students for rock climbing, valley crossing the various training Programs conducted during the summer vactions

Seminars & Workshops
The institute provides the campus facilities at peaceful and exclusive environment for different Organisation/Corporates and Institutions to organise Seminars/Conferences/Corporate Meetings/Workshops on the various subjects like preservation of Himalayan environment and ecology, Himalayan Culture, festivals, pollution control, scientific applications (Vigyan Prasar) in collaboration with local Science Clubs, literary institutions and cultural societies.




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